In today’s world, it is extremely common for people to work from home or work remotely.  A recent study out of Zug, Switzerland from a company called IWG says that at least 70% of professionals work remotely at least once a week, and 53% of professionals choose or are working remotely at least half of the week on average.  The study also says that more people would like to work remotely or out of their own home.

With that being said, young professionals who work remotely are seeking out coworking spaces to perform their daily tasks.  However, for some, working alongside strangers may not be suitable. Here are some reasons that young professionals find it a positive experience and more beneficial to their daily lives.  

First, let’s talk about what coworking is exactly.  Coworking such as from the Ranch Office Houston Coworking Space happens when people from different companies or lines of work all do their specific jobs in a shared office space.  

Sense of Community

If you’ve been working remotely for quite some time now you probably sometimes feel disenfranchised.  While this probably appealed to you at first over time it can become a bit of a downer for some personality types.  When you perform your job in a coworking space you eventually form a community in said space.  You’ll develop friendships from the cordial greeting to having beers when you’ve completed the days work.  You can even bounce ideas off of others which will probably stimulate the progress for all parties involved.


Let’s face it, whether we all admit it or not, and you may despise it, but networking is essential to just about any successful career.  When you work out of a coworking space you’ll open yourself up to some networking opportunities over time.  For instance, someone working in your space knows someone who needs a job done that they themselves aren’t able to perform.  The person may then say to the room can anyone do such and such task and that’s when you chime in and possibly get a new client.

Great Facilities and Perks

Most co-working spaces have very nice facilities.  They are set up with a creative and energizing yet relaxing environment in mind.  They provide you with water, coffee, tea, and other soft drinks. There are also snacks both complimentary and meals which you can purchase.  Some even have Cafes with beer and wine.  The internet is always top speed and there are private conference rooms plus mail services and some even offer gyms to keep yourself in shape.  There is also a concierge on hand to handle any issues that you might encounter.

These are just a few reasons out of several which makes working at a coworking space beneficial for those of us that work remotely.  Although it’s not for everyone performing your job in a coworking space definitely has its perks.

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