In this blog post we will be documenting the 2020 top 10 trending games for iPhone.  Mobile gaming is booming right now, and the future looks very bright for it. The mobile gaming industry is currently worth around $140 billion and has been growing at around 3% each year.

This trend is set to continue, and with the rumor mill whirring with regards Microsoft’s next-generation cloud-driven gaming strategy, the growth could expand exponentially very soon.

Isn’t it time you jumped on the mobile gaming bandwagon and learned about 2019 top 10 trending games for iPhone? There are plenty of top games for iPhones and other mobile devices. Sometimes so many that it can be hard to choose where to start.

trending games for iphone
Trending Mobile Games for iPhone

That’s why we are here. Keep reading for the definitive list of the best games for iPhone 2020.

1. Fortnite

On our list of the 2020 top 10 trending games on mobile devices the #1 spot goes to Fortnite.  Fortnite is possibly the most well-known game on the planet right now, but what many people might not realize is that it is also available on iphones. It plays well and offers a great challenge for those looking to see what the future of mobile gaming holds.

The gameplay is smooth, and the controls work well. It is no surprise that this is one of the top games for iPhones if you wanna go far beyond to improve your gaming experience on high quality 10 inch tablet. Have a look and enjoy more of fortnite on best tablets and best games for iPhone.

2. Fallout Shelter

The second spot on our list of 2020 top 10 trending games for iPhone goes to Fallout Shelter.  This free to play game is a fun and entertaining installment to the long-running Fallout series. It is available on many platforms but is one of the best iPhone games you could pick up.

Take in survivors, run the bunker in near real time, ensuring your team members have everything they need to live and survive in the post-apocalypse world.

This game explores deeper mobile gaming options by running in the background, meaning the gameplay continues and keeps you coming back to check on progress and the heath of your band of survivors.

3. Pokemon Quest

Pokemon Quest is #3 on our list of 2020 top 10 trending games for iPhone.  Another free to play game, Pokemon Quest is an interesting and different take on the standard Pokemon games. When looking at the best games for iPhones, this one needs to be considered, if not just for its unique spin on a well known and popular gaming franchise.

Explore a cubist island, set up camp to battle, and befriend different pokemon from the Gen 1 family. A nice game for passing the time, it’s a great way for younger gamers to get into mobile gaming.

4. Summoner’s War

#4 on our list of 2020 top 10 best games for iPhone and also on mobile devices is Summoner’s War.  A turn-based strategy game that was launched on mobile devices in 2014, Summoner’s War has earned its place among the trending games for iphone of all time.

With over 100 million downloads and more than a billion dollars in revenue to its name, there is a strong following for this game, and it stands as a pillar for what mobile gaming can become. A visit to any Summoner’s War site will show the immense popularity that this game has garnered.

5. Cat Quest

On our list of 2020 top 10 best games for iPhone the fifth spot goes to Cat Quest. A fun cartoonish game that is a great introduction to the RPG genre for younger gamers, Cat Quest is another popular iPhone and also the best Android games that holds great appeal.

Strong story and a fun, pun-filled narrative made this an addictive of best games for iPhone experience .

6. Hearthstone

The #6 spot on our list of 2020 top 10 trending games for iPhone is Hearthstone.  One of the most well known mobile games around. Hearthstone is the ultimate fantasy deck building game. While available on several platforms, this game has its roots firmly in the mobile world.

A deeply complex game with a relatively simple execution when boiled down, it shows that great trending games for iphone do not need to be over complicated when it comes to their style of play.

7. Final Fantasy XV – Pocket Edition

An oldie but a goodie comes in the 7th spot on our list of the best games for iPhone in 2020.  What gamer doesn’t know the Final Fantasy series? Even if you have never played it, you will know about it. It says a lot about how developers view the mobile gaming marketplace when they adapted one of the most popular gaming franchises in the world for a mobile device.

One of the best games for iPhone, FF XV pocket edition is an RPG perfectly designed for playing on the move.

8. HQ Trivia

A new comer on our list of top 10 trending games on mobile devices is HQ Trivia.  Now, most mobile games are going to cost you money. Either to buy or to beat. Sure you can avoid the costs, but mobile gamers accept that microtransactions are part of the deal.

HQ trivia is the opposite. It’s a free trending games for iphone where you can win money.

No wonder this is one of the best games for iPhone right now. Play along live every day. Answer enough questions right, and you win a share of the prize. It’s a general knowledge battle royale that you don’t want to miss.

9. Alto’s Adventure

Snowboarding games are fun. They have a solid history on games consoles, from SSX to Steep, but now you can get in on the action on your mobile. Mastering the simplicity of mobile gaming controls, the user has one job. To Jump. Tap the screen to jump as your character speeds down the slopes.

Smooth gameplay, great visuals, and a simple control system make this one of the most addictive game apps for iPhones.

10. Shadowgun Legends

You’re not going to get a game like Destiny 2 on your mobile. Not yet at least. But you can play Shadowgun Legends. A first-person shooter with strong Destiny vibes.

The frantic gameplay and gorgeous visuals really make this one of the best iPhone games out there. It shows off the power of classic digital mobile gaming and gives an exciting look at what the future may hold. With a range of game modes and characters, this game packs a great punch and is a must own for any gaming enthusiast, mobile or otherwise.

When it comes to mobile trending games for iphone, the true capabilities of it are only just starting to be understood.

The top trending games show that there are mobile games in every genre and across all play styles that offer something for everybody.Mobile gaming is a different experience to console or PC gaming, given to the microtransactions that provide the source of income to so many of the developers.

That said, microtransactions are also becoming more prevalent in larger budget games too. Providing you can either afford to give in to the occasional offer or are happy to look over the head of these transactions, then mobile gaming offers you a great experience.

For more information on mobile development landscape and the exciting future of technology, check out some of our other blogs today.

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