Motorola had initially introduced the Moto X series of devices as their premium, flagship smartphones. However, they introduced a new flagship last year, the Moto Z. In 2016, the Moto X didn’t even get a release. With its top spot gone, the Moto X is all set to make a return in 2017 as a mid-card phone. The Moto X 2017 has now been spotted in FCC Listings as Moto XT1766.

The phone was registered with the FCC in March with a confidentiality period of 180 days being requested. This hints at a September release for the Moto X 2017. Let us now take a detailed look at what the FCC listing tells us about this upcoming Motorola smartphone:

Moto X 2017: What Do We Know So Far

Motorola’s Moto X 2017 is all set to come out into the markets with 16 GB of storage space. The device will be made in China. However the storage space that this phone comes with is too less. Considering most Android smartphones these days offer a minimum storage space of 32 GB, the 16 GB storage on this phone appears rather absurd.

It is quite possible that the Moto X 2017 may come in different variants where a 16 GB variant will be a basic model. In the past we have seen another Moto X device leak which came with the model number XT18XX. Current expectations are of more than one Moto X variant coming out, (possibly a Moto X Play or Force)

The FCC Listing also indicates that the phone would feature a Qualcomm processor, as well as a removable battery. The device also supports 4G LTE connectivity. As of this moment we do not have any details on the pricing or availability of the phone, but we do expect the Moto X 2017 and all its variants to release together in the month of September or later. Stay tuned with us for more updates on Motorola and other upcoming smartphones!