With the aid of instant Internet connectivity, you don’t need a further introduction to video streaming. Top live streaming apps that you can now display millions of words using instant phone apps.

Thanks to smartphones; most people across the world can now enjoy an easily broadcasted communication by best live streaming apps. 

Best Live Streaming Apps for 2021

Different live-streaming apps function finely with any microphone and regular phone camera. That’s unlike laptops and desktop computers that need an external microphone and dedicated webcam. 

But before we get into the top live streaming apps lets discuss the hardware for the best results first.  

best live streaming apps
Live Streaming Apps

The Best Live Streaming Camera

With numerous cameras currently in the market, picking a live streaming camera can be a daunting task! Consider the following crucial factors before you invest in the best live streaming apps.

Live Streaming Camera

  • Output Resolution
  • Adding Audio
  • Connection Type
  • Simultaneous Recording & Streaming
  • Rotating Display
  • Going Mobile

PTZ Optics Live Streaming Cameras

The PTZ (Pan, Tilt, and Zoom) cameras embedded in a solid frame, and users can control them remotely. Typically, the cameras have a flat base, and you can affix them securely to various surfaces such as a table, tripod, or ceiling. These live streaming cameras have an ios app and an android app available for download. 

Following are some benefits of PTZ cameras.

  • Commonly used in venues where there’s a lot of recording and streaming
  • You can easily control their cameras remotely or from a computer
  • They offer great digital and optical zoom
  • They’re ideal for set-and-forget type scenario among other scenarios such as churches, concerts and lecture capture in large halls

PTZ Optics cameras have an extension for Twitch. Twitch Extensions are actually pretty cool. They give the broadcaster the ability to allow their audience to participate by controlling a behind the scenes PTZ Optics camera. This new Twitch app offers users the ability to give subscribers control of the live streaming camera.

As you can imagine this is a much more interactive way to live stream an event and gives users total control of what they ultimately see, making for a unique and compelling user experience live streaming apps.

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The Type of Live Streaming Camera You Choose Matters

Before you put resources in a live streaming camera, you need to know where, what and how you’re planning to stream. Your goals will definitely influence the type of camera you choose. Base your decision on your needs and workflow.  Now for what you’ve been waiting for.  Here are the top live streaming apps of 2020

10 Best Live Streaming Apps for 2021

best live streaming apps
Live Streaming Apps for 2021

1. Periscope: Super easy UX App

Periscope has intuitive and super easy UX that eases the use of the app. You can get the free app on Android and iOS. The app has options to stream your surroundings or find other broadcasters in the best live streaming apps. 

2. Livestream: Market Leader Live Video

Livestream is perhaps the market leader in the specialty of live video broadcasting. It’s available for iOS and Android operating systems. However, the majority of the app users apply it for professional purposes via high-end webcams and video cameras. 

3. StreamNow: Best Live Broadcasting App

It’s another fantastic live streaming app for iOS and Android operating systems. The app permits you to monetize live broadcasting by applying a subscription business model. After signing up, the user ought to pay yearly, monthly, or per-session fee. 

4. Facebook Live: Unbeatable Social Networking App

It’s unbeatable that Facebook isn’t another mere social networking platform. Thus, its service isn’t restricted to social networking. In its initial phases with sports betting apps, it’s only the performers and actors who accessed Facebook live streaming services. 

5. Instagram Live Stories:

Instagram initiated the live streaming attribute in late 2016. But it’s only from last year that the app witnessed a world roll-out. The Live Stories feature a default of the Instagram app. Just swipe over to the app’s right side and tap on “Live” alternative. 

6. Broadcast Me: Unpaid Streaming App

Broadcast Me is an unpaid streaming app that works with Android OS. But iOS users paid for the services until recently when it was made free. The app utilizes a multimedia server that supports RTMP – Real-Time Messaging Protocol Publishing to function well. 

7. Alively: A Former Manager

Alively is the creation of a former manager hired at Facebook Live. It’s a considerably new in the market. It’s fit for those who don’t enjoy public exposure to massive social media networks. 

8. Hang W: Apps for Fashionable Users

Hang w/ is a breathtaking the best live streaming apps for fashionable users to go on a holiday. Due to its trendy design, it mostly focuses on influencers, celebrities, and organizations – with an already large following. It’s unpaid for Android OS. 

9. Twitch TV: Huge Active People App

An Amazon subsidiary, Twitch, is a mobile and desktop app used by iOS and Android. Approximately 10 million active people use it daily. It’s designed and targets the gaming community. 

10. Streamago: iOS and Android Stream Live

Streamago is used by iOS and Android users to stream live. You can broadcast live videos to friends, community, Facebook, or publicity. Besides the regular commenting session, you can send real money to users as virtual gifts.

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