Playing board games is an excellent way to spend quality time with your teens. Many teens love games that are entertaining, mind-blowing and challenging as a cool way to unwind. With many advanced games to explore online and offline, you also have plenty of gaming accessories to making your board gaming more exciting. With cobra r chair, quality headphones, and other accessories, you can make your gaming moments healthier than in the years before.

Here are the games for teens

1.     Pandemic

Pandemic is an amazing game for teens aged 13 years and above. It is characterized by excitement and anxiety as infectious diseases spreads across the globe. Therefore, you must act fast to save humanity. All players assume the CDC role at the beginning of the start, as you work hard to cure and manage the epidemic. The game comes to an end when you fail to cure when you run out of epidemic cubes, or when you cure all the diseases.

10 Best Board Games for Teenagers

2.     Codenames

Codenames is an exciting game that allows you to unleash your spy man skills. The game is split into two teams, where you choose a spymaster. The spymaster gives you clues on the spy to contact. The game is great for teens as it boosts word association techniques, and allows you to focus and think on the clues to share with your team for success.

3.     Escape the room stargazer’s Manor

Escape the room stargazer’s manor is an exciting game that involves solving different mysteries of an astronomer, his wife, and an old haunted house. The mysteries can be solved by a group of 3 to 6 players. Solving the mysteries is the thrill behind this game that is ideal for teens aged 10years and above.

4.     Potion Explosion

Potion Explosion is an incredible game. Players brew potions using colored marbles and match the needed ingredients. The marbles should come out of a dispenser as players aim at creating more explosions and earning more points. It is suitable for teens aged 14 years and above

5.     Hearing Things

Hearing Things is a new game filled with great challenges. Players wear unique and special noise cancellation headphones to listen to the conversations of the other players. It is an interesting game for teens aged 12 years and above.

10 Best Board Games for Teenagers

6.     The Resistance

The Resistance is a challenging indie board game. You need to know who is lying to you and also be able to challenge or lie to yourself. There is a group of resistance fighters who want to overthrow the government. Therefore, they must work hard to complete the mission because the spies around them are very vigilant. It can be played by a group of 5 to 10 players, and is ideal for teens aged 13yrs and above.

7.     Trekking National Parks

Trekking National Park is a fabulous and perfect game for teens who are nature-loving. It is an educational, competitive, exciting, and rewarding game that allows families to bond uniquely.

8.     Ticket to ride

Ticket to ride is filled with thrill as you embark on a journey on an adventure train. The cross-country train travels across beautiful cities around the United States. Therefore, you need to build your train route to emerge a winner. Each player is given a set of train cards and dealt cards for different destinations. Whenever you lay tracks, you earn points. The winner is a player with more cards.

9.     7 Wonders

7 wonders is played in different stages. Each player is given different cards, and you need to select one and place it face down. Pass the card to the next player or your neighbor, who will, in turn, pass a deck to you. Select another card and play as you progress to different levels until you complete the stages. The winner is the player with more points.

10 Best Board Games for Teenagers

10.     Splendour

Splendour involves building your jewels. It is a Renaissance board game that involves selling jewelry to royalty and high-ranked officials. The winner is the player who makes more money from sales.

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